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The beep of a smartphone. The click of a keyboard. The swipe of a card. With ACN, these are the sounds of your success.

As an ACN Independent Business Owner, you connect your customers with the services that connect them to their world. Essential services like wireless phone services, High Speed Internet, television, home security, natural gas and electricity and more. Build a home-based business with global possibilities - with ACN, risk is low, potential is limitless and success is defined on your terms.


Getting down to the business of changing lives.

In 1993, four entrepreneurs, dissatisfied with their industry, had a vision. That vision was of a company founded on integrity, one committed to treating people the way they would want to be treated themselves. Those entrepreneurs were Co—Founders Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanoviski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz, and today, that company is ACN.

  • ACN Co-Founders Mike Cupisz, Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski and Tony Cupisz


ACN is the smarter way to connect with the products and services you use every day — the ones that you can't live without.

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The good things in life are always better shared — and with ACN's Strive for Five Promotion, you can share the savings with friends and family, Refer five new customers to ACN, and when they sign up for the same service you have, you'll get that service for free*! And it doesn't stop there – your customers can do the same, and get their service for free* too.

*Excludes taxes and surcharges

When it comes to making a difference, there's power in numbers. That is why ACN has partnered with Project Feeding Kids to help end childhood hunger. Each time someone becomes an ACN customer, a child gets a meal. And every month when that customer pays their select* monthly service bills another child gets meal.

*Select services include ACN Phone Service, ACN High Speed Internet and Flash Wireless

Success Stories


Will the next success story be yours?

Successful ACN Independent Business Owners come from all walks of life. What they all share in common is the drive and dedication to create the life they know they deserve. For each of ACN's countless success stories, the goal was personal and financial freedom, and the first step was deciding to try something

  • Simon Abboud

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    As a way to make money during school, Simon began working for a direct selling company. While the company lacked leadership, vision and integrity in his opinion, it made Simon appreciate the opportunities that came with combining direct selling and telecommunications.

    When a top producer for ACN offered him the chance to meet the ACN Co-Founders, Simon jumped at the chance. “What appealed to me was the possibility of real residual income.”

    He attributes his success to being coachable, distancing himself from negative people, keeping the end result in mind, and having specific goals that are both short-term and long-term.

    “I try never to think of what I will do next week or next month, but always today,” he said. “That has always helped me get closer to my long term goals.”

  • James Adlam

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    With a background in pharmaceutical sales, James Adlam felt as if he was living in a dog-eat-dog world. While working tirelessly in the sales environment, a friend asked James to join him in looking at the ACN Business Opportunity.

    With dedication and great mentorship, James never gave up. One rule that he teaches his team of Independent Business Owners is to learn the business. “If you don't learn your business, you'll be out of business; and how you learn this business is through ACN International Training Events.”

    “I feel everybody needs to know about this company. If you never make the life-altering money you wanted in this business, the environment alone that ACN creates can make you a better person. Here, you'll either be better off financially or better off personally - hopefully both.”

  • Quddoos Ahmad

    ACN Regional Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    Quddoos Ahmad was not looking for a new opportunity when ACN came into his life. He was an insurance broker at the time, so when a client invited him to learn more about ACN, he adamantly declined.

    “He was so persistent,” Quddoos recalls, “Soon I agreed to go simply out of fear of losing my client! I didn’t realise at the time that this decision would impact my future so dramatically.”

    He attended the next International Training Event and remembers sitting by himself. “I wasn’t even a Representative yet, but I remember watching the Regional Vice Presidents being promoted and thinking, ‘I will be on that stage someday.’”

    After that, there was nothing that could stand in his way. Today, he has reached not only the position of Regional Vice President as well as financial freedom, but he has also grown both personally and spiritually.

    “The best advice I can give someone is that if you are passionate about something, nobody can stop you. Use that passion to fuel yourself every day, and you will achieve what you are reaching for. ACN is the best of the best, and I wasn’t always a believer, but today I believe. And that belief has gotten me to where I am today.”

  • Mathieu Ambroise

    ACN Platinum Regional Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    Mathieu Ambroise didn’t have an easy childhood. After his mother got sick, he was forced to go into foster care. Yet through it all, Mathieu learned the power of hard work. He put that to good use to get into college, where he had dreams of being a professional basketball player. But he learned another hard lesson – his talent may not be great enough to take him where he wanted to go in basketball. He went in search of a plan B, which came in the form of direct selling. Mathieu had big dreams but the company closed its doors, shattering those dreams, but it wasn't in vain, proving anything was possible if he persevered.

    After discovering ACN, he knew he'd found the right company but wasn't seeing results in his bank account. “In in ACN, The result is in the discipline, not the talent, and that's a skill anyone can learn.”

  • Michael An

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    While in college, Michael An was introduced to direct selling, but felt that something was not right. “I was tired of convincing people around me to buy products that they didn’t need,” Michael explained.

    He began searching for a new opportunity and a chance to start over. “I was looking for a home, a solid company that had stood the test of time and where I could build a true long-term residual income.” When introduced to ACN, Michael was amazed at the company’s business model and how you could change your life by providing everyday essential services.

    Today, Michael’s life has completely evolved to a life filled with success and security. “Because of ACN I have become closer to God, I have grown as a person, and financially I am completely free.”

  • Nekoda and Monica Bragg

    ACN Platinum Regional Vice Presidents and Circle of Champions Members

    Nekoda discovered network marketing while working three jobs and going to school part time. Monica was a recently divorced mother of two, balancing law school, an internship, and a part time job.

    Nekoda was invited to an ACN International Convention. “I immediately felt like I was home,” Nekoda explained. Nekoda embraced ACN and recruited Monica. “I was not looking for another opportunity, but I knew that my life was missing a key element – time with my family,” Monica said. “We have been able to create a life for our children that is filled with ‘I can do anything’ thanks to ACN and the platform they provided us to succeed.”

  • Aaron and Chanelle Burt

    ACN Senior Vice Presidents and Circle of Champions Members

    Aaron and Chanelle not only found new lives through ACN, but they also found love. Prior to being separately introduced to the ACN Opportunity, Aaron was a 5th grade teacher and Chanelle was an electrical engineer. Both were looking for an opportunity to bring in additional income.

    “ACN is solely focused on helping others succeed in order for you to succeed, which wasn’t the same in corporate America,” explained Aaron.

    “The absolute best part about ACN is seeing new people realize that their dreams are possible through hard work, dedication and loyalty to this company,” Aaron said. “My goal is to help other people achieve the same success I’ve seen. We are not done until we are all done.”

  • Debbie & Geoff Davis

    ACN Senior Vice Presidents and Circle of Champions Members

    Prior to joining ACN, Debbie Davis was at home raising three children. With no college degree or experience, she never thought she would be successful in business. Geoff was working his way up the corporate ladder, but discovered that no matter how successful he became, his time was simply not his own.

    Debbie found ACN and discovered that she could be her own boss, she'd determine her schedule and she'd decide how much she was worth! As a result of Debbie's determination and hard work, Geoff was able to walk away from a six-figure income and into their dream home.

    “We are living our dreams and have the privilege of helping other people reach their goals and dreams too,” Debbie said. “ACN has completely changed our lives and given our family opportunities beyond our wildest dreams.”

  • Jeremy and Mindy Deeble

    ACN Senior Vice Presidents and Circle of Champions Members

    The Deebles always knew the key to wealth was owning their own business, so that's what they did. Jeremy owned a company that performed general maintenance for grocery stores, but he worked long days and traveled.

    Just as they were preparing to buy another business, Jeremy's brother introduced them to the ACN Opportunity and residual income. They saw the business opportunity as a vehicle to get their time back and have the money to live their dreams.

    “We focused on the big picture of what we really wanted in our lives, and because of this, I was able to quit my job and be home with my kids. Now, both Jeremy and I are able to be full-time parents. ACN has truly provided the lifestyle for our family that we have always dreamed of.”

  • Shane and Dana Douglas

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    Shane Douglas began searching for financial freedom after 10 years of owning three businesses. “I didn’t realize how time broke I was,” Shane explained. Looking for an opportunity to free him of the constraints of everyday business, ACN showed Shane the possibility of a new life.

    “When I was introduced to ACN, I was so excited about the concept of how people could get paid monthly income by helping others achieve results in the same industry.”

    “Words can’t really describe all the changes that have occurred in our lives since joining ACN. Time and financial freedom and the ability to live life on our terms – those aspects of our lives are irreplaceable and would not be possible without ACN.” Today, Shane is fueled by his passion to change the lives of those around him.

  • Darin & Jennifer Dowd

    ACN Senior Vice Presidents and Circle of Champions Members

    Before ACN, Darin Dowd was a business owner while Jennifer took care of their four children. Feeling completely overwhelmed with their busy life, they began looking for a better way to raise their family.

    Today, the couple is living a dream lifestyle. Darin now has time for coaching football, boating during the week and building his ACN business on his schedule.

    “I believe ACN has given us the opportunity to use the spiritual gifts that we have been blessed with and to be the leaders we were meant to be,” Jennifer said. Darin added, “There's nothing better than assisting friends or family members with achieving their dreams and goals.”

  • Leanne Gabriel

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    Between Leanne Gabriel's schedule as a Discrimination Attorney and her husband Michael's schedule as an International Consultant, the couple felt they had no life. Leanne was looking for an opportunity that would give her the freedom she longed for.

    She stayed focus and attended every International Training Event, and the dedication paid off. “My passion is fulfilled through helping others build their ACN Business, and I love the fact that I can spend quality time with my husband and son whenever I choose.” Leanne's learned that sometimes others may succeed more quickly, but if you persist your day will soon come. “You only fail if you quit.”

  • Spencer Hunn

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    Prior to becoming an ACN Independent Representative, Spencer was playing baseball at the University of Utah. After being convinced to attend an ACN Regional Event in Los Angeles by a co-worker, he found what he believed to be an amazing opportunity that he couldn’t pass up. "My plate was more than full,” Spencer said. “But I felt I'd be very foolish to let this opportunity pass me by.”

    Working out of Salt Lake City, Spencer became the number one Team Coordinator for all of 2003. Spencer was so impressed with ACN that he got his parents involved in the business. They are now Senior Vice Presidents – a development that Spencer proudly calls his "greatest accomplishment in ACN."

    Today, Spencer has helped countless Independent Business Owners change their lives and has led him to the top position of the company in just over five years.

    Spencer's advice is this: "New Independent Business Owners need to take this business as serious as a heart attack. It's simple but the work must be done. Trust the leadership and be coachable. If you want what successful people have, just do what successful people do."

  • Max Knowles

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    A freshman in college, Max Knowles was pursuing a degree in business and law. But with no experience behind him, those he trusted most in life were convinced the past choices would hinder him from success. Frustrated with the personal challenges, Max was desperately looking for something that he would not only succeed in – but something that he could be great at.

    When Max was introduced to the ACN Opportunity, he was impressed as to how simple and straightforward the business was. Most importantly, he realized that his past didn't matter. "I recognized that if I followed the system, I would achieve my goals 100%. ACN provided the training, the environment and the opportunity. All I had to do was work it.”

    Max devoted himself to ACN and attacked the opportunity head-on, reaching ACN's top position of Senior Vice President in his 20s. "People sometimes don't understand that less is more. It's not about being perfect, but being passionate about your future and helping others succeed.”

    With the ability to be his own boss, Max enjoys that he can be where he wants, when he wants, doing what he wants with no time or financial restrictions. And the biggest perk of it all: So can his family!

  • Mathieu Lamontagne

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    When Mathieu Lamontagne learned about ACN he was a full-time college student, playing basketball and working part-time. Mathieu found time to attend a presentation and saw something different in ACN - they didn't look at his degree, his age, or his background.

    “With ACN, you can decide who you work with, where you work, when you work and how much you want to earn! This meant freedom from my old part-time job,” he said. “With ACN, I have been coached and mentored by people that care for people's success. I have made more friends and built solid relationships. I work with people who have the same desire and same goals and people who are optimistic about the future.”

  • Cav. Franco Lofranco

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    Owning 4 businesses swamped Franco’s life, leaving him with no social life, not a large circle of friends, and no time for family. He didn’t realize it until a friend said: “What good is all the money you make without the time to enjoy it?”

    Franco now dedicates his work time to helping others achieve this freedom. As for his free time, “I love that I can pick up whenever I want and go wherever I want. I love that I can spend time with my family. I absolutely love that. It is how I believe life was meant to be lived.”

    “The best part for me about ACN is that it does not feel like work. I am simply having fun. The system is simple - the people are incredible. We get paid residual income for obtaining customers. And that provides incredible freedom.”

  • Patrick and Michael Maser

    ACN Senior Vice Presidents and Circle of Champions Members

    Michael studied business at Penn State and then began selling cars. Patrick graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and then worked with his own merchandising business.

    When Patrick learned about ACN he shared the opportunity with Michael, and the brothers realized they could work together to create an opportunity for average people just like them to make money. Michael said, “When I opened my mind, I really started seeing things differently.”

    The best part about ACN according to Patrick? “Taking someone and helping them find the winner in themselves. This company is monumental to human potential and what is possible. When your life changes, you change the world.”

  • Art Napolitano

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    Art Napolitano played in a rock band until he was 30 years old and often wondered how he would ever be able to afford a house and a family. He wanted to have fun while also earning more money. Network marketing seemed to be the perfect niche for him, and he soon found success in network marketing and abandoned his dream of rock stardom.

    But after 10 years in network marketing, Art was eager to find a company built on integrity – one whose founders kept their promises. He had been following ACN's success and after meeting with the Founders, he began opening the doors of opportunity overseas.

    Beginning with ACN's launch in the United Kingdom, Art quickly began building his organization – focusing on developing solid, trusting relationships. Within just eight months, he achieved RVP status…but he wasn't going to stop there.

    Art spent an incredible amount of time in Europe alternating locations to provide the most support to his downline. Today he has numerous qualified RVPs and Team Coordinators throughout North America and Europe, as well as two SVP teams under him. In addition, he has acquired over 500,000 customers that bill into the millions.

  • MD Rahman

    ACN Regional Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    With English as his second language and no network marketing experience, MD Rahman proved that anyone truly can be a success in ACN.

    He came to the United States in 2003 from Bangladesh and tried many different ways to earn income. He worked in restaurants, drove a taxi cab for 5 years, took any job that he could as an immigrant – even started his own business with some success, but still, he found himself bitter and tired.

    Then, just over a year ago, everything changed when MD was introduced to ACN. And though he was very negative and almost quit multiple times, his upline finally convinced him to attend an International Training Event. That event changed everything – his attitude, his outlook, his passion for life and desire to succeed. He went home and immediately told his wife that he needed to focus solely on ACN for one full year and asked for her support.

    MD’s wife and son both supported him 100% through his journey over the next year. And today they are enjoying the rewards that come with hard work and dedication. They are finally living the life they had dreamed of when they came to the United States.

    When asked how he advises perspective IBOs, MD said, “Sometimes people ask me, ‘is it really hard; is it really complicated to do this business?’ And my answer is that this system is very simple. If a man from Bangladesh who has no network here, no education here can do it, you can too. Follow the system – follow your upline and you will find success.”

  • Brian & Andrea Sax

    ACN Senior Vice Presidents and Circle of Champions Members

    As a former Olympic hopeful from Princeton, Brian Sax seemed to have the recipe for success. But it did not take long for Brian to discover that university had not prepared him for the harsh realities of the real world – a world that unfortunately would not allow him to do what he loved and to be financially successful at the same time. In his search for something new, he discovered ACN through a friend and was immediately impressed.

    He and his wife Andrea relocated to Australia, and under his leadership, the Australian market exploded. He built and overrides the largest teams in New Zealand, South Korea, Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

    Brian and Andrea have been extremely successful, and their financial gain has given them the freedom to spend more time together as a family. In addition, Brian is able to devote time once again to his love of track and field, and Andrea has been able to focus on her own long-time dream of professional trading on the global financial markets.

    Brian and Andrea are dedicated to helping others in the team to achieve their own goals and dreams.

  • Orin Solomon

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    For many years, Orin Solomon’s talents were showcased on the football field. After finding success in high school, he earned a scholarship and played four years of college football for Villanova University. But his dream to play in the NFL didn’t pan out, and he began to look for a way to win outside of sports.

    Orin had just started a job as a social worker and was attending graduate school when his best friend and college teammate discovered ACN and invited him to a Business Opportunity Meeting. Orin was impressed with how the people were dressed as well as the information presented.

    “The simplicity of how we do our business appealed to me. I wasn’t the brightest guy, but even I could see that everyone had a phone and these services were bills that people had to pay,” he said.

    Orin saw more than just a business opportunity, he saw the ability to grow as a person and help others succeed. He saw that people at ACN wanted to win, excel, grow and prosper while helping others reach their dreams as well. It was such a difference from what he saw in corporate America, where most people were focused on helping only themselves.

    While rising to the level of Senior Vice President and member of the Circle of Champions, Orin realized that he could not make people great. They had to want it for themselves. He believes his role is to find leaders and help them reach their potential.

    And while realizing his dreams and helping others succeed, Orin always remembers his “why”. His why is his family - his wife Angela, an attorney, his son Jacob, age 15 and sons Jordon and Jason, twins, age 12.

    “Being able to attend my boy’s sports events and games and travel with my wife, setting my own work schedule, is the beyond anything I could have ever wished for,” Orin says.

  • Efrain and Krissa Tejada

    ACN Senior Vice Presidents and Circle of Champions Members

    Efrain Tejada’s journey to become a member of the Circle of Champions was a long one, filled with many ups and downs. But there is not one struggle, not one bump in the road, not one obstacle that he would change over the last 18 years. He recalls his mentor explaining to him that when times are tough, that is when you find out what you are truly made of.

    And Efrain has proven time and time again that he is made of strength and persistence. He is made of character and honor and a burning desire to succeed while helping others succeed as well.

    With persistence, he has become a trusted international speaker and a role model to other IBOs just getting started.

    Today, Efrain is a pillar in his community and a source of pride and inspiration for his growing family and for his team – a true success story.

  • Al Thomas

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions member

    Al Thomas was an entrepreneur his entire life, and never worked for a boss. Involved in a previous direct sales company, Al worked his way to become one of the top income earners – but it soon all came crashing down. The company was on its way under, which meant the opportunity to change countless lives, as well as his own, would no longer be available.

    When he looked at the ACN Opportunity, it made complete sense to join. He was also intrigued that ACN continuously made a commitment to giving back. With a long track record of success, Al knew this was the company for him.

    “Through the residual income received with ACN, I never have to worry about money. In return, the money freedom allows me to enjoy time freedom. It's been completely life-changing!”

  • Danny Volonino

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    After a bad car accident in the early 1990s, Danny Volonino found himself at an ultimate low. While Danny was recovering, his prayers were answered when a friend approached him about the ACN Business Opportunity. Eager for a new path, Danny joined ACN on the spot.

    He went to work immediately and found quick success, but it wasn't until a visit with the ACN Co-Founders where Danny decided to give it his all.

    "They didn't judge my past and were willing to answer every question I had about my new future with ACN." Danny quickly found that the key to finding success on the outside is to personally develop on the inside.

    Today Danny consistently encourages positive thinking and personal growth to his team. The income that the company provides allows Danny to help support his family members and close friends.

    Danny’s goals in ACN are to help as many ministries as possible keep their doors open, and even more so, help as many people as possible deal with the current economic condition. "I want to give people hope and I know that by sharing ACN, this is the vehicle that will get them there."

  • Jeff Weber

    ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

    Calling Jeff Weber a "rebellious youth" would probably be an understatement. The oldest son of eight children, Jeff was held to the highest standard by his father, who expected him to serve as an example for his younger siblings. But Jeff didn’t fit into any standard mold and set out to find success in his own way, often to the disapproval of his father. He always felt like the black sheep of the family, but Jeff knew in his heart that there was a better way than the traditional 9-5 grind.

    Jeff’s parents had followed that traditional path and had become very successful real estate developers for more than 20 years. But when the real estate market in his home state of California crashed, leaving both his parents in a very bad financial situation, Jeff knew it was his responsibility to step up to the plate and help his parents. Seeing his parents struggle, Jeff felt compelled to prove that he could be successful even if he did not follow the traditional path that they had wanted him to follow. This new motivation propelled him to work three jobs - clocking in over 80 hours per week as a personal trainer, managing a restaurant and bartending. And he was extremely busy when ACN entered his life.

    Despite Jeff's lack of experience and abundance of skepticism, personal hindrances and hesitations, he took the business by storm. Within six months, Jeff had left all three jobs behind, earned the position of Team Coordinator and had broken into the top 10 ranks as one of ACN's top producing Independent Business Owners. After being promoted to the RVP position only three years into ACN, Jeff felt he had finally begun to fulfill his destiny, and his 80-hour, hectic workweeks were in the past. Not only had he found personal success, he was also able to buy his mother and father a beautiful new home and get them out of their financial struggle once and for all. And he did it all his way.

    Jeff’s parents stood proudly by his side on the ACN stage in Phoenix, Arizona when he was promoted to SVP. Finally, once and for all Jeff could say to his parents, and to the world, with great pride, "I may be a rebel, but I am not a loser, not a quitter, not a failure. I am an SVP!"

The Circle of Champions represent ACN's top producers.  Success as an ACN Independent Business Owner is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts.  Individual results will vary.


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  • In 2002 I was 21 years old when I was introduced to ACN and joined immediately. No one was more inexperienced in business than I at that time. I was playing baseball for the University of Utah on a baseball scholarship with big hopes of playing in the major leagues someday. After 3 months of working my new ACN business, I was making more money in a month than both my parents combined. At that point, both my parents jumped in and also had that same success. After 11 months, I was making more in a month than the average family makes in a year. Today I can't imagine my life without ACN. The income as a Senior Vice President is more than I ever dreamed and the lifestyle the ACN Opportunity has allowed me to achieve is extraordinary!